Comfort Object

Comfort Object - Annabel Joseph You can read this and my other reviews at Pages & Prose

This book moved me. The characters and the growth they each showed was obvious and well written. Since its an erotic novel, explicit language peppered the dialogue and graphic sex scenes happened throughout the story, but, in all honesty I almost skipped over the sex to see what was happening to the characters emotionally.

Comfort Object is the story of Nell, a submissive who does not enjoy pain, but enjoys submitting, and Jeremy, a bonafide dominant who gets a little too much joy out of humiliating Nell (in my opinion). I cried while reading this book. Literally, I bawled like a baby, waking my husband up and everything. He found it amusing that I cried so much while reading an erotic novel, but it spoke volumes to me. If I cry, that means it pulls at my heart strings, which means, in my opinion, that it's awesome.

What made it better than many novels is the writing. The plot is great, the characters are fully fleshed out and change over time. Jeremy, especially, grew quite a bit and, I have to admit, even though he was a real jerk at times, I still liked him. I understand why he acted the way he did. I also understand Nell and her motivations. Ms. Joseph was able to get that across with no problem.

Really, Comfort Object is superbly written. Ms. Joseph can write emotionally charged and overtly sexual scenes with exceptional skill. I don't think I've read an erotic novel where the author could do both of those things so well. I plan to read more of Ms. Joseph's work.