Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire This review can be viewed at Pages & Prose

This is the story of a completely dysfunctional, co-dependent, unhealthy relationship, but I couldn't put it down. As someone who has been in a very similar relationship (though my Travis had less of a temper/could go longer than 5 minutes without beating the crap out of someone), the story hit a chord. HARD.

Abby's back story annoyed me. It's stupid, but I guess she had to be flawed in some way. The timely arrival of dear ol' Mick seemed out of place, but gave the author a way to show the obsessiveness & craziness of Abby & Travis's relationship.

I also thought Abby was wishy-washy at the beginning before they fell in 'love'. It made me want to tear my hair out. Parker was annoying, America was a screaming harridan and a good friend make up your mind! Do you like him or not? Do you want them together or not? Don't go back and forth!, Finch cracked me up (he was one of my favorite characters), Travis was crazy, their relationship was, indeed, a disaster, and I enjoyed Travis's family. The writing was okay.

That said, I'll probably read it again.

UPDATE July 2013: I did read it again last month!